Windmill Crest Farm

We are a small farm with less than 20 alpaca, but we have great quality in browns, blacks and whites.  

Our farm is a few miles northeast of San Antonio, Texas. We have 38 acres of gentle rolling landscape. Eight acres has been dedicated to house, storage facilities, barn and pastures. The rest has cattle roaming and bees buzzing.

We offer all services: sales, breeding, adjisting. products and education. With all sales and breeding we offer continued service and support. "No one should own an alpaca they do not know what to do with!" 

We started in our Alpaca endeavor in 2004 with the our first purchase of a female and her female cria.
Joe was born and raised on a farm in southern Idaho and after 30 years in the Navy we choose this as our retirement adventure. Karla was not so sure, being a city girl and all, but has grown to love these adorable animals and living in the country.

We also love to travel so you may find us on a trail in a National Park, floating the River Rhine or just hanging out in the country.

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